Alsons Consolidated Resources Stead Fast For Mindanao

10-October-2019 17-C  ACR Press Release (Alsons Maintains A+ Issuer Credit Rating)
24-September-2019 17-C  ACR Material RPT Policy
11-June-2019 17-C  ACR Clarification to News Articles
03-June-2019 17-C  ACR Clarification to News Articles
30-May-2019 17-C  ACR-cash dividend declaration
30-May-2019 17-C  ACR-results of ASM & Orgl mtgs
19-May-2019  ACR Press Release (Alsons posts first qtr net earnings growth)
19-April-2019 17-C  ACR Press Release (Alsons announces key appointments)
5-April-2019 20-IS  ACR Annual Information Statement
22-March-2019 17-C  ACR Notice of ASM-2019
22-March-2019 17-C  ACR Press Release (ACR posts significant net eranings growth)
11-January-2019  ACR Attendance of Directors at 2018 Board Meetings
28-May-2018  Clarification to news articles dated May 28
24-May-2018  Special cash dividend declaration
24-May-2018  Results of the Organizational Meeting
24-May-2018  Results of the Annual Stockholders Meeting
24-May-2018  Regular Cash Dividend Declaration
18-May-2018  Press Release -Alsons Receives A+Issuer Credit Rating
11-May-2018  Press Release - Financial Times List
22-March-2018  Press Release -Second Section of Alsons Sarangani power plant..
22-February-2018  ACR Notice of ASM-2018
11-January-2018  2017 Board of Directors Attendance
04-December-2017  ACR Clarification to news report-Alsons mulls entry into retail electricity business
04-December-2017  (Amended) PSE Form4-2 Acquisition of Shares of another Corp
29-November-2017  ACR Press Release-ACR&GBP finalize partnership in Mindanao powergen holdingco
29-November-2017  ACR Clarification to news report-Conglomerate eyes more RE deals with Japanese partner
28-November-2017  ACR Certificate of Attendance of Directors & Officers to Corporate Governance Seminar
10-November-2017  ACR Press Release-Sarangani Power Plant operations
28-September-2017  170928 Press Release -ACR to invest in Siguil Hydro Power Project
26-September-2017  ACR Clarification to news report- PCC approves GBP deal to buy 50% of Alsons unit
25-September-2017  ACR Clarification to news report-SEC approves 8990,Alsons fundraising bids
18-September-2017  ACR-AMENDED GIS2017
05-September-2017  (Amended) new director & member of nomination committee
04-September-2017  ABD 23-A
25-August-2017  ABD-appointment as Director
14-August-2017  Press Release -2nd QTR FS 1st half 2017 Financial Results
28-July-2017  ACR-NIA resignation
24-July-2017  LTR REPLY SEC re ACGR penalty
23-June-2017  170623 ACR-GIS2017
05-June-2017  170605 PSEForm4-2 Acquisition of Shares of another Corp
03-June-2017  170603 ACR-Press Statement-ACR&GBP enter partnership in power holding company in Mindanao
31-May-2017  170531 LTR request re New manual on Corp.Governance
29-May-2017  ACR-Clarification to news report-Alsons Revives Indonesia Expansion Plan
26-May-2017  ACR-Reply to Exchange's Query re_MOA Duta Shares
26-May-2017  ACR-NIA FORM23-A
26-May-2017  ACR-Clarification to news reports
25-May-2017  Minutes of the Annual Stockholders' Meeting 2016
25-May-2017  ACR-Results of the Organizational Meeting
25-May-2017  ACR-Results of the Annual Stockholders' Meeting
25-May-2017  ACR-cash dividend declaration
09-May-2017  ACR-Press Statement-Alsons Secures 10.5B PesoLoan for Sarangani Power plant expansion
02-May-2017  ACR-Clarification to news report-DENR's Lopez bans open-pit mining
18-April-2017  ACR Certification of Independent Directors
30-March-2017  ACR Approval of FS2016 & Press Release
16-March-2017  ACR PSE CG Guidelines Survey 2016
17-February-2017  ACR Notice of ASM-2017
15-February-2017  ACR-Clarification to news report-DENR cancels 75 mining contracts
03-February-2017  RFY 23-A
03-February-2017  LRY 23-B
31-January-2017  RFY-appointment & LRY-retirement
31-January-2017  ACR Clarification to news report-Alsons Expects Earnings to triple by 2020
04-January-2017  ACR 2016 Board Attendance
27-May-2016  ACR-Certification of IndependentDirector
27-May-2016  IndependentDirector
27-May-2016  160527 ACR-Results of Annual Stockholders' Meeting
06-December-2016  ACR-Results of Organizational Meeting
06-December-2016  161206 ACR-Clarification to news article-Alsons allots $180M for 2plants
14-December-2016  161214 ACR-Clarification to news article-Alsons Power Keen on IPO_2
08-December-2016  ACR-Certificate of Attendance in CG Seminar
January 8, 2016  ACR-Board Attendance 2015
May 27, 2016  ACR-cash dividend declaration
May 19, 2016  ACR-Clarification to news report-Alsons eyes 150M Solar Power Projects
March 18, 2016  ACR Guidelines for Property Div Distribution
March 18, 2016  ACR CG Guidelines2015 Disclosure Survey
March 18, 2016  ACR approval of FS2015-Notice of ASM-Press release
Feb 23, 2016  ACR-Clarification to news report-Alsons pledges $650M Investment in RE
Feb 23, 2016  ACR-ACRMC Property Div
November 17,2016 17-Q  ACR-17Q-3rd QTR
November 11, 2016  ACR Extension to file 3Qtr Report
October 25, 2016  Lost Stok Certificate
October 18, 2016  ACR Press Release
August 11, 2016  ACR-Clarification to news report re Japan firm inks$280M deal to build sarangani plant
June 21, 2016  ACR Press Release-CGD resignation
24-Jan-2012  Sworn Statement 2011 BOD Attendance
24-Jan-2012  Sworn Statement 2011 MCG
20-Feb-2012  Result of BOD MTG Feb 17 2012
29-Mar-2012  ACR-PSE Corporate Governance Disclosure
29-Mar-2012  Results of BOD MTG March 29 2012
02-Apr-2012  ACR Public Ownership Report March 31 2012
16-Apr-2012  Clarification to News Articles-Alsons sets Aside P1.2B for Iligan Diesel Plan
16-Apr-2012  Top 100 SH & Beneficial Ownership
03-May-2012  ACR Sworn Certification of Independent Directors
04-May-2012  Results of BOD Meeting-ACR Revenues Up by & 7% for Q1 2012
18-May-2012  Results of Annual SH Meeting May 18 2012
03-Jul-2012  ACR Public Ownership Report June 30 2012
30-Jul-2012  Clarification to News Articles-Alsons Finalizing P9-B Power Loan
10-Aug-2012  Results of BOD Meeting-ACR 1st Half 2012 Revenues Up by 9%
24-Aug-2012  News Release-Alsons Finalizing SH Agmt for Equity Part of TTC in SEC
07-Sep-2012  Reply to PSE re SH Agmt bet ACR-TTC in SEC
05-Oct-2012  10-05 ACR Public Ownership Report Sept. 30 2012
05-Oct-2012  Guidelines For The Assesment Performance of Audit Com
09-Oct-2012  ACR-TTC SH AGMT in SEC Update
12-Nov-2012  Results of BOD Meeting
04-Jan-2013 17-C   News Release-Alsons forecasts P567M income in 2012
22-Jan-2013 17-C  BOD Attendance for 2012
22-Jan-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons to secure new loans to bankroll projects
22-Jan-2013 17-C  MCG Certification for 2012
04-Feb-2013 17-C  ACR-ALCORP Subscription Agmt to Preferred shares
11-Feb-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons seeks equity partner for power projects
06-Mar-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons To Power Tampakan Mine
21-Mar-2013 17-C  ACR-PSE Corporate Governance Disclosure
21-Mar-2013 17-C  Alsons Consolidated profits up to 12% takes over IDPP
22-Mar-2013 17-C  News-Alcantara Group & Ayala Land to jointly develop Integrated Mixed Use Community in Davao
25-Mar-2013 17-C   Clarification to news-Ayala Land signs property deal with Alcantara Group
01-Apr-2013 17-C  SEC Rev MCG Certification
04-Apr-2013 17-C   ACR Certification of Independent Directors
10-Apr-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons seeks partners for power plant
14-May-2013 17-C  ACR-SEC compliance on AuditCom Assessment
16-May-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons taking in Toyota Tsusho as Zamboanga project equity partner
21-May-2013 17-C  News Release-Alsons Power current capacity to double
24-May-2013 17-C  ACR-ASM & ORGL Mtg results
27-May-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons pushes $1.3-B power projects
08-Jul-2013 17-C  Press Statement-ACR Acquires EGCO stake in CHC
29-Jul-2013  Clarification to news - Alsons eyes partners in buying Thai stake
14-Aug-2013  Quarterly Report for Period Ended June 30, 2013
23-Aug-2013 17-C   Press Statement-Alsons Power 13B Peso Sarangani Energy Plant to Operate 1st 105MW Phase by 2015
28-Aug-2013 17-C   Press Statement-ACR 1st Half2013 Income Rises 66% on Revenue Growth of 12%.pdf
03-Oct-2013  Public Ownership Report for Quarter Ended Sep 30, 2013
07-Nov-2013 17-C  Press Statement-Aboitiz Land Acquires Alsons 60% equity stake in Lima Land Inc.
07-Oct-2013  Top 100 Stockholders for Quarter Ended Sep 20, 2013
07-Nov-2013 17-C  Results of BODMtg-ACR 9mos Income Surges 52% to P363.3M
13-Nov-2013  Quarterly Report for Period Ended Sep 30, 2013
03-Dec-2013 17-C  Clarification to news-Alsons Zamboanga City power plant faces delay
2-Mar-2014  ACR Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR) Updates
23-May-2014  ACR Press Release
23-May-2014  Results of Annual Stockholders Meeting
23-May-2014  ACR Results of Organizational Meeting
23-May-2014  Declaration of Cash Dividends
25-Jun-2014  Clarification of News Report
26-May-2014  Clarification of News Report
07-Jul-2014  Revised Manual on Corporate Governance
08-Aug-2014  Press Release & Approval of 2nd qtr FS
28-Oct-2014 17-C  ACR Clarification of News Report (PSE4-13)
28-Oct-2014 17-C  ACR Press Release - ACR Secures $73.5M loan
28-Oct-2014  ACR- Public Ownership Report
28-Oct-2014  ACR- Report on Number of Shareholders
28-Oct-2014  ACR- Report on Foreign Ownership
25-Feb-2015  PSE and SEC Disclosure on Lost Stock Certificate (Feb 25, 2015)
28-Feb-2015  ACR- report on foreign ownership as of February 28, 2015
28-Feb-2015  ACR-report on number of stockholder as of February 28, 2015
27-Apr-2015  Reply to PSE re: Clarification to News Articles
30-Mar-2015  Press Release and Approval of AFS 2014
25-Feb-2015  GF Balmeo lost stock certificate
30-Jan-2015  ACR Notice of ASM-2015.pdf
01-Jan-2015  Letter Advice re Board Attendance 2014
31-May-2015  ACR_Board Lots PSE Approved Disclosure May 31, 2015
31-May-2015  PSE Approved Disclosure Foreign Ownership Report May 31, 2015
05-Aug-2015  Report on Number of Shareholders as of July 31, 2015
05-Aug-2015  Foreign Ownership Report as of July 31, 2015
10-Aug-2015  150522 ACR Amended-Declaration of Property Dividend
10-Aug-2015  150522 ACR Declaration of Cash Dividend (Regular)
10-Aug-2015  150522 ACR Declaration of Cash Dividend accompanying the Property Dividend
10-Aug-2015  150522 ACR-Results of Organizational Meeting
10-Aug-2015  150525 Reply to PSE re Clarification to News Articles
10-Aug-2015  150625 Reply to PSE re Clarification to News Articles
30-Nov-2015  Foreign Ownership Report as of November 30, 2015
30-Nov-2015  Report on Number of Shareholders as of November 30, 2015
April 13, 2016 20-IS  ACGR-2015 Consolidated Changes
April 13, 2016 20-IS  Minutes/Resolutions & Reports
April 13, 2016 20-IS  Financial Report
April 13, 2016 20-IS  Information Statement & ManagementReport
April 13, 2016 20-IS  Notice to Stockholders
May 12, 2016 17-Q  ACR-17Q 1st Qtr
May 12, 2016  ACR GIS-2016