Alsons Consolidated Resources Stead Fast For Mindanao

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc. (ACR) realize that having a well-thought-out corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that benefits the communities where our businesses operate is not only essential but makes good business sense. We will not be able to sustain the continued operations of our businesses without the support of the local people and it is but proper that we do our part in uplifting the lives of our less fortunate neighbors. There are numerous ways in undertaking social development programs but your management has consciously focused on education and the environment - two areas where we think our efforts would have the greatest positive impact. Our CSR efforts are carried out by our various subsidiaries in coordination with The Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit entity that oversees the CSR functions of all the companies of the Alcantara Group.

The Alcantara Foundation

The Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. (CLAFI) was established to pay honor to Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara, the founders of the Alcantara Group. They both led an exemplary life, living in simplicity and hard work, and derived satisfaction in knowing that they have helped others.

In 1987, CLAFI took responsibility for the social development activities of the Alcantara Group, which was formalized and was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 27, 1987 as a private, non-stock, non-profit social development foundation.

This year, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) - Central Office accredited CLAFI for three (3) years as a legitimate partner in community development, operating within the rules and regulations of the Philippine Government and the DSWD. The accreditation certifies CLAFI is reputable, qualified and capable to efficiently carry out projects. DSWD accredited CLAFI after a thorough review of its policies & documents and following validation that verified CLAFI's existence and scope of operations. DSWD also subjected CLAFI to social investigation where communities CLAFI work with were asked on its projects and activities.

In 2017, CLAFI implemented major education and environment projects. These include the distribution of indigenized education materials for the Blaan early graders through the Flalok Project, and the community consultations to jumpstart a massive Watershed Protection Project.

USAID-funded Flalok Project developed and provided Blaan education materials that were produced with the help of Blaan teacher writers, leaders of the Blaan Indigenous Cultural Communities, Department of Education Supervisors and Coordinators. The materials also underwent series of thorough validation and evaluation process. A total of 6,394 learners from 76 partner Blaan schools in Region 12 received the following materials with 2,109 Grade 1, 2,414 Grade 2 and 1,871 ALS.

72 Flalok Big Books with 6,408 copies containing authentic Blaan stories
2,200 Grade 1 Learner Materials
2,450 Grade 2 Learner Materials
120 Grade 1 Teacher Guide
120 Grade 2 Teacher Guide
500 ALS Learner Materials
250 Blaan Alphabet Charts
250 Blaan Number Charts
500 Blaan dictionary

The Watershed Protection Project is a massive reforestation project in partnership with Sarangani Energy Corporation (SEC) which planted agri-forest, forest and agricultural crops in riparian zones and gully areas.

In 2017, CLAFI conducted inventory of trees in Barangay Amsipit and Barangay Kablacan in Maasim, Sarangani Province, where a total of 1,294,932 were counted, 312,752 of which were planted and 982,180 were naturally grown. Community consultations and area visits were also held to secure continued community support for the project which will re-focus on forest restoration using indigenous species in forest gaps, gullies & creeks and the Siguil River banks as priority areas.

CLAFI's vision is to empower and build local communities towards a peaceful and progressive Mindanao. To achieve this, the Foundation aims to continually deliver innovative programs that enable its partner communities to be self-reliant, to gain equitable access to quality education, and to nurture a sustainable environment.

Energy and Power

In 2017, the Energy and Power subsidiaries of ACR embarked on another fulfilling year implementing projects that improved the welfare of the communities where it operates.

The granting of scholarships for outstanding students in the high school and college levels coming from the host barangays is a flagship program of the companies. Currently, there are a total of 333 high school and 17 college Alsons Power Scholars from the Province of Sarangani and Zamboanga City. The companies are also recognizing outstanding teachers in schools located within its host communities under its "Ang Galing Guro Excellence Awards".

The individual power companies actively participate in the Department of Education and Culture's "Brigada Eskwela" program for all public schools, with employees volunteering for classroom and campus clean-ups in the weeks before the school opening. Material and financial support are also extended during the three-day activity, including repainting and repairing classrooms, and donating more than three hundred classroom chairs with desks to schools in Alabel, Sarangani Province and Zamboanga. All of these are being done to ensure that students return to a proper learning environment in the coming school year.

Regular coastal clean-ups were undertaken by each power company during the year. These activities were done as part of celebrations for the "Month of the Oceans" in May, the "Environment Month" in June, and the "International Coastal Clean Up Day" in September. It was jointly participated by the respective local government officials, officers and staff of national and local agencies, and CLAFI.

Additionally, WMPC donated more than fifteen thousand propagules for the continuing mangrove reforestation in Barangay Bolong, Zamboanga City-- a project now in its 4th year in operation. SPPC continued its support for its "Adopt-An-Estero Program" and planted more than three thousand bamboo seedlings along the banks of the Maribulan River and in the surrounding areas of Barangay Baluntay, Sarangani Province. SPPC was cited by the DENR Reg. XII as the year's "Best Adopter" in their annual recognition program last December.

The companies have also provided free medical clinics for residents in its host communities and hosted information and education drives in the topics of health and safety. Several employees of SPPC were also inducted as members of the Phil. Coast Gard Auxiliary (805th Squadron) in Sarangani and are now also part of the Province's Disaster Risk Reduction Group and are on standby to assist the communities in times of emergencies and natural calamities